solar panels on a barn roof

Farm Power

Farm Power Apollo Limited and Farm Power Hydro Limited are renewable power generation companies. We develop, own and operate a network of microgeneration power stations in the United Kingdom using only renewable energy sources - hydro-electric in the case of Farm Power Hydro and solar photovoltaic in Farm Power Apollo. Our two companies are leading in the UK’s indepedent provision of green energy from small-scale sites by bringing together sites, suppliers, investors and renewable electricity customers. We then do everything required to install and operate a new renewable power station.

    Our approach is different. We aim to:
  • implement renewable energy power stations at a small scale and in settings which do not compromise the environment or local sensitivities. Farm Power Hydro improves biodiversity in all its sites, introducing or transforming multi-species fish passage wherever it operates;
  • restrict developments to smaller scale sites which reduce the impact and costs of connecting to the national grid;
  • partner with site owners who can take a long term shared interest in the success of our projects - Farm Power Apollo provides an assured index-linked rent to landowners which is a significant multiple of likely earnings from the traditional uses on land that is of marginal value; and
  • share the renewable energy generated, and the associated environmental benefits, back with our partners at discounted prices.

We are not developers of wind-based renewable energy generation or of new large-scale ground-mounted solar PV schemes. Our companies finance and implement the projects and then owns and operates the resulting power stations over their lifetime.

Farm Power Apollo has implemented a series of solar photovoltaic (“solar PV”) power stations of around 1MW capacity. Farm Power Hydro is continually seeking new sites for micro-hydro installations. During 2012-15, Farm Power Hydro aims to implement 6-12 micro-hydro power stations.

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Television Coverage

The opening of Farm Power Hydro's anchor solar PV project in Dorset was covered by both the BBC and ITV in August 2011. Click the links below to see the footage:

a diagram showing the relationship between farm power and its stakeholders