solar panels on a barn roof

About Us

The business started in July 2010 to exploit changes in the market for renewable energy. This coincided with the advent of affordable capital equipment and services combined with an entrepreneurial approach which made a new type of power company possible. Over the next decade, a number of small and fast-growing companies ("independent power providers") will exploit regulatory incentives to provide the renewable energy that the country needs to

  • avoid the lights going out as the UK decommissions old carbon and nuclear electrical capacity;
  • help prevent our energy needs being held hostage by terrorist threats to large scale installations and geopolitical threats to foreign supply of gas, oil and electricity;
  • reduce the degree to which we consume greenhouse-gas-generating carbon-based fuels, with its potentially catastrophic global warming impact on our planet;
  • meet its obligations under EU regulations, where the UK consumes the lowest proportion of renewable electricity of the major member countries.

Founded in January 2011, Farm Power Apollo has implemented a number of small-scale solar PV renewable power stations, including what was for 12 months the largest solar PV array in Dorset, in an agricultural setting which maintained its 'single farm payment' farming status. These sites now represent 25-year havens of biodiversity in the neighbouring countryside. The company works in very close partnership with its landlords, local authorities and community groups.

Micro-hydropower, especially on low-head sites, is a very different business to solar PV in that it requires much higher levels of environmental oversight, capital investment and, crucially, time. This is such a different proposition to solar PV that, in November 2012, Farm Power Hydro was incorporated to develop a series of low-head, run of river micro-hydropower sites (30kW to 200kW).

Both companies were founded by Mark Simon and different teams of colleagues who have a wide range of energy, public policy and renewables investing experience. Both Farm Power Apollo and Farm Power Hydro have entrepreneurial, technology and programme management skills and are dedicated to close investor relations.

For links to the system where the performance of Farm Power Apollo's first three sites is monitored and displayed, please click here for Slepe Farm, here for The Tank Museum and here for Bourne Park.

If you want to work with Farm Power, please contact or to see details of a case study click here