solar panels on a barn roof
solar panel with grain store behind

Energy Customers

Both Farm Power Apollo and Farm Power Hydro are seeking to sell 100% renewable electricity to energy customers who value it. The need for renewable energy to meet corporate carbon reduction commitments, and to offset other more carbon-consuming electricity supplies, will only continue to grow.

Over time, we will seek to form relationships with a range of customers for our electricity output, which will gradually become more predictable (through the introduction of low-cost battery cell technology, the increasing number of micro-hydro electricity power stations and the development of the electricity market). Specifically, Farm Power Hydro's generation of steady, base-load generating capacity over 75% of the hours in the year is a perfect fit for the demand of UK consumers and businesses.

If you are a utility company or large consumer looking for a source / sources of renewable electricity that is 100% renewable, please contact us on