solar panels on a steel pole


Our shareholders are invested directly in Farm Power Apollo or Farm Power Hydro. In either case, the company owns outright the network of power stations we have installed and generates the revenues arising. They are interested in a long term annuity investment in renewable energy.

The management of the business is invested in the same generation companies and manages them tirelessly to maximise electricity yield from the assets, and the revenues from the electricity generated over time.

This represents a strategic investment in renewable power generation, based on regulated revenues in a regulated sector and using proven technology. The market we supply is large (the market for UK renewable electricity sales in 2015 is estimated to be £3.5bn) and evidently of strategic national importance.

Farm Power Apollo and Farm Power Hydro seek to attract a wide range of equity and debt investors to maximise the returns for its investors, and to exploit the Farm Power model of community-scale, long term, renewable power generation.

Farm Power Apollo has been implemented as a UK Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), under continuing HM Revenue and Customs certification. Farm Power Hydro has sought similar HMRC assurance.