solar panels on a barn roof
white cottage next to wier


First of all, implementing a renewable power station in the right site is a very good idea, given current government incentives. As a landowner, farmer or commercial property owner, Farm Power strongly encourages you to progress such a project on your property. In short, if you can do it yourself, do it.

Against that, such projects are not cheap - Farm Power Apollo's smallest individual project required capital investment of over £150,000. In addition, even if the capital is available, the payback period (which may be longer than 10 years for Farm Power Hydro projects) may fall outside your investment criteria.

Therefore, if a promising project does not work for the site owner and their business, then Farm Power may be interested. We provide all the finance, project and risk management, design, installation, operation and maintenance of the project over its lifetime – a project which Farm Power Apollo or Farm Power Hydro will own outright. For solar PV, Farm Power Apollo needs to enter into a long-term 27 year lease; for Farm Power Hydro, with its greater risk and payback period, this period may be 40-60 years. During this time, we will

  1. pay the site owner a generous rent / revenue share of the power generated, which will be RPI indexed linked;
  2. provide a reliable source of low cost renewable electricity over a generation;
  3. reduce the carbon footprint of the site owner and
  4. provide a range of additional marketing and PR benefits.

For micro-hydro, Farm Power Hydro is looking to develop, own and operate run-of-river sites across the UK where the capital demands are more than the site owner is prepared to invest. Farm Power Hydro is especially interested in river-based sites in England and Wales where there is reliable flow and where, working with the Environment Agency, we can establish sustainable schemes that increase the quality of flow and natural habitat in and around the river, introducing fish passage where it is absent, and otherwise improving. Once again, Farm Power Hydro is looking to collaborate with site owners and communities to provide low-cost renewable electricity and carbon credits in addition to a generous rent or revenue share. Many such schemes are possible but, without sufficient resources and focus, will never be undertaken.

For solar photovoltaic (solar PV), Farm Power Apollo is working with selected site owners who

  • own suitable sites which are either
    • large new (or nearly new) steel-framed buildings or commercial buildings with extensive roofs (at least 300 square metres if pitched (700 square metres if flat) and broadly south-facing);
    • small brown field or otherwise redundant sites (from 1 hectare (2 acre));
  • ideally have substantial electrical consumption requirements at the site (offices, cooling, dairy or other agricultural operations), and
  • are prepared to enter into a 27 year partnership and lease agreement with Farm Power Apollo for the generation of renewable electricity.

Suitable sites for solar PV are located in the southern counties of England (click for a map) and need to be located close to appropriate grid connections – which can be determined by Farm Power Hydro’s research. In addition, Farm Power Hydro handles, with the site owner's support, the planning application and will only chose sites situated so as to make as little negative local impact as possible.

If you have a site which you believe would be suitable for us to develop, please contact us on and we will respond very promptly.

If you have or know someone who has such a site, then we will reward any introduction that leads to a new site being commissioned.