solar panels on a barn roof
solar panel with grain store behind


Both companies partner with the best suppliers in the European market to source:

  • renewable generation equipment from hydroelectric generators, screws and turbines to solar photovoltaic panels;
  • civil, electrical and hydro engineering and design services to maximise electricity yield at the same time as ensuring environmental integrity in a given setting;
  • large commercial-scale solar PV installation experience from the UK and mainland Europe;
  • general and prime contracting responsibilities for associated civil engineering work.

In all of its partner relations, we work in an open and collaborative fashion.

Both Farm Power Apollo and Farm Power Hydro are continually looking to find new partners to speed implementation of new power generation capability. Farm Power Hydro is particularly interested in commercial-scale hydro installers and general contractors, electrical engineering specialist firms and solar and hydro equipment manufacturers. If you want to work with us, please email our team at